Focus on Song for a Friday

I love it when things flow on from one another, and since we had the progression from Chad and Jeremy to Peter and Gordon, let’s continue on with this logic and turn the attention to another player in this week’s vinyl triptych, namely Jan Akkerman.

Jan Akkerman first came to my attention through what I would term as one of my top 10 most significant music purchases. Now, there is an idea for a top 10. The top 10 most significant music purchases; hmmm, not too sure what the criteria for that should be, but probably would be along the lines of certain music purchases that inspired a direction in my collection or opened up a love of music of a certain type or of a particular artist or group. Off the top of my head, any such top 10 would have to include purchases of Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys and Big Star. It would also include the double LP The Guitar Album.

I remember buying this album, one Sunday morning at the local swap meet. The woman who sold it to me had only a few records. I also bought Abbey Road and Bob Marley Live from her, as well as The Guitar Album. So, all up three records, and those other two are highly regarded but it was The Guitar Album that had the biggest impact on my musical life.

The Guitar Album - A double LP of various artists - one of my top 10 most significant music purchases

The Guitar Album featured some artists that I, and everybody else, most likely will know. There was Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, naturally, but the impact that this album had on me stems from the other artists that this collection introduced to me. For starters, there was the other two blues ‘kings’, Freddie King and Albert King. From the world of jazz fusion there was John McLaughlin. Shuggie Otis was also included on this album as was Roy Buchanan. All of these people I had never heard of and all of them I discovered through this purchase. What’s more, I would urge you to check them out, as I was inspired to do by The Guitar Album. And there was also one other artist that I found on this collection – Jan Akkerman.

Wow. The track that was included on The Guitar Album is the track that I have chosen for today’s song. And this song just blew me away. The riff was a monster and in addition to playing it for everyone in my circle of friends I also rushed out and bought the album it came from, namely Moving Waves by Focus. Of course, no one that I played it to felt quite the same way about this song that I did, which is to say totally blown away! I dare say that will be the same today as well, but still, I so love this song.

If you are not already familiar with the song, I will give away no spoilers, other than to say that it features the fantastic guitar playing of Jan Akkerman, and also something else. Something that you most likely will not expect. At the very least, I think you will be surprised by what that other thing is.

So, here it is, from one of the most significant musical purchases of my life, The Guitar Album, I give you today’s Song for a Friday, Hocus Pocus by Focus. Hey, the name of the song rhymes with the band; another reason to love it.


One Response to Focus on Song for a Friday

  1. Ultup says:

    Yodelling, well that is surprising-just waiting for the lonely goatherd or Marie Schneider!

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