Chad and Jeremy return

Spent some time today on a journey of discovery about Chad and Jeremy, after I mentioned them in my earlier post. I had confused them with Peter and Gordon, which is not that hard to do really. Both of them are English singing duos and they do bear a striking resemblence to each other. Both pairs had one guy with glasses, and one without. You could easily interchange the groups, say Chad and Gordon or Peter and Jeremy.

Anyway, turns out that Chad and Jeremy sang the song  “The Family Way“, which I have not heard for many a year.

Also, they did the soundtrack to a 60’s film called Three In The Attic. Now I hope history is not repeating here when I say that I am pretty certain that I have an old video rental copy of that film, which I have never watched. When I go home and look, it might turn out that I have another film entirely; perhaps I only think I have Three In The Attic. The film is meant to be a comedy, but I do think that the title has a rather sinister sound to it.

What’s more Chad and Jeremy had guest spots on numerous US TV shows in the 1960s, such as Batman. I used to watch Batman when I was a kid, but I don’t remember this episode myself.

Ah, Julie Newmar as Catwoman. Some say they prefer Eartha Kitt in the role, and though it is true Eartha was more catlike, I just loved Julie, and her legs, in that outfit. I think I grew up thinking catsuits were so called because Julie wore such a thing as Catwoman.

One Response to Chad and Jeremy return

  1. helenkitty says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! That’s FANTASTIC! Yeah, she’s a cool Catwoman. I do like Eartha Kitt though.

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