A Friday Song I never knew I had

I’m part of a circle of music fans at work who regularly email each other about music news and discoveries. Not so long ago, one of us brought up the subject of the song “I’m in love with a German filmstar” by The Passions. I commented that I knew the song but that I did not have a copy of it.

It was not long after that, that I had my big buy up of records at the Save the Children UWA booksale (the one where I lined up at 1pm). Now at the sale, I ended up putting a lot of what I had grabbed back. I spent more time on the steps inside the hall sorting out what to keep and what not to than I did finding the records. One record that I spent a long time mulling over was a Peter and Gordon compilation. I knew that I already had a compilation of their songs, but this record had a different cover, and it was a cover that would fit in with an idea I had for an upcoming vinly triptych. So, I bought it.

When I got home I went looking in my ordered by alphabet record collection for my existing Peter and Gordon album, so I could compare. I didn’t find it. What I did find though was the debut album by The Passions, that includes the song “I’m in love with a German filmstar“.

I was stunned. “How did I get this?” I asked myself.  “When did I get this? How long have I had this? Where did it come from?” Then I realised what this meant. My record collection had finally gotten away from me. I no longer knew what I had.

I kept looking for this Peter and Gordon album, feeling a little uncertain whether or not I did have it. I found it, eventually, after going through all the rest of the alphabet from P on and then starting again at A. I did not already own a Peter and Gordon album. What I had was a compilation of Chad and Jeremy. “Who are Chad and Jeremy?” I now thought. “And for how long have I thought they were Peter and Gordon?”

So at last we come to today’s song. A song that I know and, it turns out, that I own. I just can’t remember any of the details about how I came to own it.

Maybe next time I’ll play Peter and Gordon. Or maybe Chad and Jeremy.


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