Uncovered Cover

To sell something, it is a time honoured routine to use a pretty girl in some way. Fiction is no different. Slap a pretty lady on the cover and you’ve got the interest of a large section of the population. To encourage further interest a few covers have not just a pretty lady, but a pretty lady with not much else. This is the second in a little series of “Girls Without Guns”, and also not much else…

Is this cover exploitative? Probably. Maybe. Who knows, I would have  to read it to see if there was a scene where the titular character comes out of the shower.


Wow. Did I really just read that two word review? “Strong stuff” – is this a book or a drink?

Anyway, I really do like this cover. It puts me in mind of a lot of those pictures of green tinted asian women, like this, and this, that used to be common in dens and op shops, and are now no longer found in either as savvy hipsters have bought them all up. I  would probably have to pay almost as much as a set of ceramic ducks to get one of those pictures. It’ll be cheaper to just keep this cover, although it will look small against my wall.


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