Other Covers, Other Worlds

This week on Lost Library Thing we look at some Science Fiction covers. Generally Science Fiction covers come in two types. There is “Dull” and there is “umm, it’s a bit much”.

First, here is a typical example of Dull.

See the Spaceship. The Spaceship is red.

I’ve read this one and while it was an okay read the cover was truly uninspiring. You could argue that it was related to the story in that yes, there was a spaceship, but no details were ever given of the colour of said craft. Really, it is just a generic and truly Dull Science Fiction cover that could be used on any number of Sci-Fi books, and probably has.

Then there is the “umm, it’s a bit much” cover.

I have read this one, and I really wished the cover had been different. At the time I was working as a tour guide and when there was no tours, we all just sat around and read books. One day I read this. My fellow tour guides just gave me crap all day for it. One even said that I had paid too much for this book (you can clearly see the second hand price tag on it). I tried to defend the worth of the book by pointing out that the author also wrote Mists of Avalon and that she is a highly regarded author. However, nothing I said could overcome the cover. Umm, it’s a bit much.

To be fair the book was about a crashed spacecraft, so the cover does relate to the story contained within, but at no stage did anyone get into skimpy barbarian chic lingerie.

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