The lion up this week

We focus on Lions and Ladies this week.

I’m sure Santana and Kate Bush need no introduction (although I don’t know for how much longer I can say that about Kate; do the young ‘uns today know who she is?) but who is Andrea True? Andrea True sang “More More More”, which was a big disco smash back in the day. However, Disco Diva was her other job. Her main occupation was as an Adult Film star.

Which then leads me to the question why does she not appear in the flesh on the cover of her album? Surely appearing in front of a camera is half of what you do when an Adult Film star. The other half of what you do I won’t mention here.

You might think that maybe a picture of her was on the back of the record, but no. Instead, there are pictures of her band, and these shots are really a sight.

Are these men also Adult Film stars taking a turn as musicians? Or maybe they are musicians inspired by Andrea and have decided to moonlight as Adult Film stars? Or maybe this is just a typical 1970’s display of masculinity?


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