Song for a Friday Booksale

Today is the UWA Save The Children Booksale. I’m hoping to get myself a good position in the queue for the 5pm opening. I will of course be looking at the books, but it is the records that will get my first attention. Unlike the South of the River branch booksale that I blogged about last year, this UWA based event attracts more punters so I will have quite a bit of competition to get whatever good slabs of vinyl there is there. So position, position, position is important. I will blog about my exploits next week.

Now onto the song. Being as I am so wrapped up in books, (and records) let’s have Belle and Sebastian sing about exactly that.

The coolest thing about Belle and Sebastian, amongst many cool things about the band, is that they started out as a music business course final project. Man, none of my assignments at university ever lead to anything like this.


One Response to Song for a Friday Booksale

  1. Helenkitty says:

    You are actually my hero today. You’ve saved me from sleep deprived boredom. 😀

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