Lost Library Thing goes for a ride

I bookmarked this site recently about an early 1970’s doco about English Hell’s Angels. The piece is equal measures sad and funny and rather absorbing. The use of the Clockwork Orange soundtrack in one scene is brilliant. The small interview with a mother of one of the gang is also priceless. I recommend a look.

So inspired by this tale of motorbikes and leather I have chosen this book for today’s Lost Library Thing.

I suppose it is time to confess that having someone pull a train on my girl has long been a fear of mine, or it would be if I actually understood what it meant. Is it meant to be literal? I mean, is it an actual train pulled by the members of a motorcycle gang, over my girl? Is the train on the tracks or off the tracks? And where does a motorcycle gang get a train from?

And what about that back cover? I crack up when I read the descriptions of the “top scum” and the little interludes from the chief. “Your brown belt will come in handy”. Yes, I will use it to stop the train they are pulling in order to run over my girl.

Has any reader out there got enough to take this book on?

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