Big Bite

The Friday Song today is from Elton John. Since most people know him I will give him no introduction; instead let’s talk about the song.

Have you ever heard a song and just went yeah, I wish that song could just go on; it finished way too soon; it had such a great groove or chorus or whatever going on and I could just listen to it for ages. If you have ever felt this way, then this song is for you.

If on the other hand you hate repetitive long-winded songs that just go on and on, then this song is not for you.

“Bite Your Lip” is the last song on Blue Moves, which was an Elton John double LP from 1976. Maybe it was because he was having trouble filling up two sides of two albums that Elton went with this epic song that took up a fair chunk of vinyl in order to close the album; who can say. But for me, it works.

The album version is over 6 minutes long and achieves such a frenzy of intensity, with the continued exhortation to get up, get up, get up and dance that I do just that every time I hear it (I refrain from biting my lip though). Sadly I could not find the album version anywhere on online but I have found a live version complete with gospel choir as on the album version, that almost re-captures the essence of the recorded version. It is a bit shorter, a fact that the drummer (is that you Nigel Olsson?) is grateful of.

And as a bonus, if you want more of the same, I have also a second live version of this song with Elton dressed up as a certain famous cartoon duck. Since my blog this week started with ducks, I thought it suitable to end with ducks.


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