Worldly Words

Today’s cover combines three Lost Library Things themes; the world tour, lingo and author photos.

The dreamy beautiful girl cover is great but the real fun is to be had by reading the blurb.

Wow. What a rush. First we deal with all the “multifarious” forms of that reallyoverused word love, then we whip around the world America to Europe to Africa and then the moods, the emotions, the spectrum of feeling that Henry passes through. Having just recovered from that we then get the cast of extras. This blurb is like a shopping list. And then there is the words, such words as you just don’t hear any that much more, and I don’t just mean gaiety. I resolve to use mercurial sometime this week in conversation.

Then there is the back of the dust jacket. Here we have another great author picture; thoughtful, elegant, chin supported. To have such a gushing compliment from Albert Camus is a surefire winner, but to be credited with creating the Geographical Novel, I don’t know, it does sound like a bit of a back handed compliment to me.

One Response to Worldly Words

  1. Helenkitty says:

    *laughs* Sounds like it’s exhausting to read!

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