Duck Season

On the weekend, my partner LP and I went looking for ducks. Actually, looking for ducks was not what we set out to do. Rather, we were checking out a few stores of retro items and antiques to find furniture to suit our 60’s built pad, but, as we always do at such times and places, we kept our eye out for ceramic ducks. Y’know the sort. These ducks come in three and are in midflight and hang on walls. My grandmother once had a set, and no one amongst all the children and grandchildren seem to know where they went (down south for a very long winter it seems) so it is that I have to now buy a set for my house as opposed to inherit.

One store we went into had a complete set of ducks in flight and ready to hang in a display case. The price was $400. Next to the display case was an old radiogram (a very large record player basically), which was in working order and was only $300. My mind swam with the incongruity of the prices.

The next store also had a set of ceramic flying ducks and these were priced for $500. To compare, this store also had complete  50’s style kitschy kitchenettes for less than that, and I am talking about furniture which is a metre and half long and just as tall. About the only thing more expensive than this set of 3 small ceramic ducks was the 6 CD juke box, with flouro lights, that was over a thousand dollars.

What also caught my attention was that further down the wall where these $500 dollar ducks were in flight was a set of swallows; these were three birds in flight and made of ceramic and painted much like the ducks were. The beaks were the main difference, that and the price. The set of swallows was priced at $86.

When we came home, without ducks but having bought a 60’s couch, I started work on assembling this weeks vinyl triptych. At least for the next seven days we will at least have ducks on our wall.


5 Responses to Duck Season

  1. arotulon says:

    A word on that last album. It is not misspelled. What I have there is a German version of Sesame Street. It makes for a strange listening experience, as the tunes, such as the theme song and Ernie singing to his rubby ducky are all so familiar but the voices and accents are completely at odds with what your mind is so accustomed to.

  2. monkulus says:

    Sesamstraat, it’s not German. Maybe Dutch?

    • arotulon says:

      Hey, thanks for that. Dutch, you say? I might go to Google Translate and see if they know.(break in transmission while Arotulon goes and checks)
      Yes, it turns out that this show is from the Netherlands. I have such a wooden ear for European languages. Apologies for that.

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  4. […] savvy hipsters have bought them all up. I  would probably have to pay almost as much as a set of ceramic ducks to get one of those pictures. It’ll be cheaper to just keep this cover, although it will look […]

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