Games Review – Rubiks Race

Yes, at long last, a games review. Finally. Here we go.

A little while back I posted about how I saw a sequel to a book from my Lost Library Thing collection at a Sunday morning swap meet. Now, faced with that book, I displayed restraint and chose not to buy it, but believe me I bought plenty else that day and one thing was this game.

There was a guy there who had a whole bunch of board games, including Jenga and a trivial pursuit type of quiz game plus this. I was tempted to get Jenga, but upon reflection, I reasoned that I can still buy Jenga nowadays, but this could be the only time that I ever see Rubik’s Race.

So I opened the box, counted the pieces and satisfied that they were all there, I paid him the $5 he wanted for it and took it home.

I played it that night with my partner LP.

I don’t know if this is a genuine Rubik invented item, although it claims to be on the box but to be honest it is not at all like a Rubik’s cube since you are not out to get all of one colour together. Rather, you are trying to recreate a pattern of colours.

The set up is simple. As the instructions show, you shake the Boggle like box to get what pattern of tiles you have to create and then you go. On each playing side you have one space free and using that you must arrange all the tiles to recreate that pattern. First person to do it wins the race. It made me wish that I had played more Tetris on my sister’s Gameboy when I was younger, so that I had better spatial awareness of how to shift tiles, but oh well. I soon got the hang of it and it was really satisfying to be able to slam down the frame onto my finished set of tiles and win the game.   

Rubik’s Race does not deserve to be forgotten. I would rather play this than Connect 4 which so often ends in no winner at all. I’m giving this 5 dice.


2 Responses to Games Review – Rubiks Race

  1. Travis says:

    Check out the wikipedia entry on connect 4 for strategy tips. While IBM was working on Deep Blue, others were working on a computer program to play the perfect connect 4 game. A worthy pursuit?

    • arotulon says:

      Hmmm, tips for Connect 4. Thanks for that. If I ever develop tips for Rubik’s Race I may pass them on. I feel sure that where you have the initial gap in your set of tiles is critical.

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