Song for a Friday

Time for something new and recurring. I’m going to call it Song for a Friday.

Our first pick comes from an event earlier this week wherein I introduced some work mates to The Mighty Hannibal. It all came about from the news of Elton John’s upcoming album, where he is working with Leon Russell. The impending album will also feature a guest spot by The Mighty Hannibal.

So who is The Mighty Hannibal? A quick perusal of his mini-autobiography as included in his Hannibalism compilation album reveals him to have been many things. A singer, a songwriter, a businessman, a producer, a pimp,and a junkie. He taught Marvin Gaye how to dance; he introduced Jimi Hendrix to Little Richard; he used to go fishing with best friends Larry Williams and Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson; had annual parties with Joe Tex and Sam Cooke. He worked in films as an extra; he worked for Johnny Otis; he made an add for Budweiser about malted beer. He claims to have the only picture in the world of James Brown with an afro. James begged for it to be destroyed. Now that James has passed on perhaps Hannibal will release it. Oh, Hannibal also once stole an elephant.

So here is the song for this Friday; It is The Mighty Hannibal with Get In The Groove. I hope it helps make your Friday.

For those wanting more Hannibal here is Jerkin The Dog from the mid 60’s and The Truth Shall Make You Free from the early 70’s.


2 Responses to Song for a Friday

  1. helenkitty says:

    It’s made my morning Mr A! Thanks!

  2. Ultup says:

    He’s got soul! Great friday song.

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