SupaNova: the rest

Darn, had so much to do I just have not had time to blog on about the rest of my day at SupaNova, but I hope to. So, while we all wait for me to add the details here at least are the remaining photos from the day.

Dalek at SupaNova Perth 2010

Another Dalek at SupaNova Perth 2010, this one at the Doctor Who Fan Club stand

Also at the Doctor Who fan club stand, there was a Tardis tent

At Empire Toys, there was no credit card facility but the staff did dress up. Here is Loki.

Two Ghostbusters and one Johnny Cash as a Ghostbuster

Lou Ferrigno enters

Lou about to impersonate Arnie; he did the voice rather well

Summer in Winter shade

I was right at the back for this session

Don't blink! Weeping Angels are near.

(insert sound effect here) Michael Winslow comes onstage (insert another sound effect)

"Still can't find those droids I'm looking for; just Jawas."

I don't remember the purse in episode 1

It's Hit Girl!

One Response to SupaNova: the rest

  1. helenkitty says:

    Awesome cosplay pics! I love cosplayers. You should get a costume next year Mr A!

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