SupaNova part 3

Everyone had to leave the seminar room at the end of Mark Lutz’ presentation, with the exception of those who had purchased VIP tickets. People who had those could stay, and they would be staying in the front row seats allocated for them. However, everyone did leave the seminar room because there was no one there with a VIP ticket.

Upon leaving I was met with another long line, this one about to come in. Yet that was not the only line. There was another line that snaked around and almost joined the line to get back into the seminar room; this line was to buy photos of the stars appearing at SupaNova. There were more lines still, as the autograph booths were nearby and the queues for them were backing up into these first two lines. To get to the back of any line you had to cut in front of some people and squeeze past others and then, once at the end of the queues, try to figure out which of the many end of the lines was the line you wanted.

This time it wasn’t too hard to find the line to go back into the seminar room to see the next guest. It was the only line that was moving.

The next guest was Charisma Carpenter, another Wheddonverse star. She played Cordellia in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Charisma Carpenter at SupaNova Perth 2010

This session was very well attended. I did not see any empty seats and people were having to stand up at the back.

I also discovered that you could take photos. For the previous session for Mark Lutz I thought I was doing something illicit so I only took the one photo, but now I could snap away all I wanted, for all the good it was. The restriction was, and I knew that there had to be one, no flash photography.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else’s digital camera, but mine, with no flash, gives me blurry pictures. These can be interesting, as the subject ends up with waving arms and sometimes two heads, but as a document that identifies who someone is, they are not so great.

Charisma was asked plenty about Angel and Buffy but also about Veronica Mars, which was fantastic. She explained how she got the role after proving that she could be sexy; she had just done a Playboy shoot. She also spoke about how Veronica Mars was almost a Bufy reunion with her seeing Alyson Hannigan on set and later Joss turning up for a cameo.

It was obvious that Charisma was a loving mother as she often mentioned her son, and talked about how when she looked at the episode of Angel in which she was pregnant, it touched her to think that her son is sort of in that scene. This lead me to ask her how she found balancing work as an actor and life as a mum. She responded that it was hard and that she had support and that when a mother she gave 110%.

Other topics she touched on included:

  • The Expendables; the upcoming film with Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and Jason Statham. She spoke about being on this very macho set and how it was to kiss Jason
  • On the topic of kisses she was asked who was the best kisser in Angel and Buffy. She admitted that she expected this question but not from the guy who asked it. She gave Mark Lutz a high rating.
  • She remembered a few of the costumes that she wore
  • How awkward it was in the early days of Buffy when she was ‘unliked’ as she was the mean one
  • How it came to pass that she finally got to stake a vampire in the Graduation Day episode of Buffy as she was nice to Joss that night
  • The differences in playing Cordellia in Buffy and Angel and which writer captured her character the best
  • she admitted that she has not seen any episodes of Buffy after she left the show and that she only owns the first and last seasons of Angel. I should add that she stated how she would like to see those episodes of Buffy but as she was filming Angel at the time was not able to then and has not got around to it. She intends to get those missing seasons of Angel and one day will. She warned us, please don’t, out of fan boy kindness, buy them for her, because she could probably get them free somehow through the industry she works in.
  • An accident that she had on the set of Buffy one time where she ran into a pair of antlers on a fake mounted deer head, and was taken to the emergency room. The hospital staff were told that the injury was caused by antlers and so admisistered a tetnus shot. The needle broke halfway through the unnecessary injection so they tried again and gave it to her in her other arm.

With the end of  this session the room was once again cleared. It was advertised that someone connected to Twilight was to be next, but I heard an announcement about a late change. I didn’t pay much notice. I now had some time to check out the stalls and spend some money, before the 1.10pm session with Eliza Dushku, who played Faith in Buffy and Angel.

2 Responses to SupaNova part 3

  1. helenkitty says:

    Wait, this is embarrassing, but which character is Mark Lutz? It’s odd that she’s not a fan. But suppose you get that heaps.

    Sadly my Sci Fi uni club camp was on this same weekend. Or I so would have been there. \

    Did you buy any cool stuff?

    • arotulon says:

      Whoops – i’ve tidied up that section about how she has not seen later episodes of Buffy. She is a fan, but she is busy. She is a mother after all.
      As for Mark Lutz, check out part 2 of my SupaNova recollections.
      Hopefully you can make it next year!

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