SupaNova part 2

So, where was I? Oh, that’s right; I was in a line. Pay attention! Being in a line will be a recurring motif of these recollections.

Having finally got inside the venue and getting the back of my hand stamped to prove it, I found the seminar room where the first talk of the day was already underway.

I was able to walk right in and had plenty of seats to choose from, all with a good view of the star of the session, Mark Lutz.

Now as soon as I told my partner that Mark Lutz was going to be at SupaNova and that he was from Angel, she straight away remembered that he was “The Groosalugg”. So, if that means nothing to you, I guess you are not a fan of Angel.

I was annoyed to have missed more than half of Mark’s session, but so glad that I caught what I did, because he was most amusing.

He told the story of his worst ever TV appearance, which was on a fake reality show. He was given the 60 page script the night before and when he came on set was informed that there was no wardrobe department and that he was meant to have provided his own suit to wear. I asked if this was ever broadcast and the answer was no, so he discouraged us all to look for it online.

Mark asked if any of us had visited his My Space page, the site of his recent April Fool’s Day joke. He had posted on 1 April that the Groosalugg spin off series had just been given the go ahead. Most people did not realise it was a put-on, and Mark’s agent had to say that perhaps such a joke was not in his best interests.

Mark also spoke of another great April Fool’s Day joke wherein he phoned his mother to tell her about a ” new reality show” he was to be in. In this “new reality show”, Mark was going to marry a complete stranger and then have a TV crew follow them around for a year. Expecting his mother to go crazy over his marrying someone he had never met and who could be a whacko, she instead reacted with joy at this “wonderful news”.  

Mark also made a great joke about our new Prime Minister being Tilda Swinton.

Sadly his time ended before he could show us footage of his recent film, Victor. Thankfully I did have time to get a photo of him, although not the best shot of the day.

Mark Lutz at SupaNova Perth 2010

With him leaving the stage came the announcement that we would all have to leave the seminar room before the next session began. So I got up to leave, unaware that I was about to go join another long line…To be continued


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