SupaNova part 1

The Saturday just gone I went to the SupaNova event at Claremont Showgrounds. I almost didn’t make it.

I was all set to go, bag packed, camera ready, etc, when I tried to start the Lada. No go. My partner had just left to go on her morning walk and had been kind enough to open the gate for me to reverse out. When I went to look up and down the street to see if she was still nearby, she was gone.

I was faced with a problem. Should I take the other car; the one that my partner needed to go to work that afternoon?  Or should I try and catch a train? I do live near the train line, and take it to work most days, but on weekends the trains are less frequent. If I was to catch a train it would have to be soon.

I raced inside to grab the timetable. There was a train in the next 10 min, which I could get, provided I reached the station in time. For me to reach the station, I would need a lift. In order to have a lift, someone would have to drive me. That someone was out walking, somewhere.

Thankfully I listen to my partner when she tells me where it is that she goes on her walks and so I drove off in the other car, trying to find her. She was not walking anywhere around the streets that I myself have in the past walked with her, but I remembered that she had of late been favouring Station Street, as that had less traffic.

I caught sight of her traipsing across the dead end of a cul de sac while I was driving nearby. I rounded a few corners to meet her at the entrance of that street. I explained my plight and she agreed to come with me to the station.

By this time, I had missed the train that I had noted in the timetable that I had quickly consulted. I reasoned that my next best bet was to go the next station, where the express made it’s last stop on the way into Perth. So off we went. My partner took the wheel as I kissed her goodbye and ran the last few metres to the stop. I had reasoned well; the next express was due in 5 min.

I was soon in Perth and looking for the next connection; the train to take me to the showgrounds. I changed platform and came across the sign informing me that the Fremantle line was closed for repair. I had to go to the Wellingston St Bus Station for a replacment bus. Would the complications of transport on this day never end?

I raced back down the way I had come and continued onto the bus station. I was basically retracing the steps that I take to get to work.

A bus was ready and waiting to go to the showgrounds with many people, some in cosplay, already aboard. Soon after I found a seat we were away. Not long now, I thought.

However, in the battle of Bus v Train, the train is quicker. The bus took half an hour meandering through Subiaco and at one stage driving completely past the showgrounds, before finally turning around, after having crossed the railway tracks, for us to disembark  at the Claremont showgrounds.

Little herds of cosplayers and fans started to make their way to the pavillions.

I had been aiming to get to SupaNova in time to hear the first talk of the day at 10.40. By now, with all the transport delays that I had it was a little after 10. I had pre-purcahsed a ticket, so I thought I should be able to get inside with no hassle and find a good seat.

Coming up to the pavillion I saw that I was in error.

The lines to get into SupaNova

Notice that there are two lines. The one in the background is the line for people buying their tickets on the day. The line in the foreground is for the smart people, like me, who bought their ticket ahead of time (and paid that pesky booking fee – grumble). Now the far away line stretched on far away, as you can see. But what about the pre-paid line?

Finally near the end of the pre-paid line

The pre-paid line was just as long as the line for pay on the day. Plus, upon arrival I had no way of knowing which line was which. I asked and no one with a lanyard around their neck with a plastic SupaNova badge could tell me for sure. Some of the people I started lining up with found out after 10 min that they were in the wrong line. I took note of these people, who were in costume, who had to march all the way to the end of the other line. I will mention them again later.

So, what was the point of pre-purchasing a ticket if this is what happens? I stood in that line for 45 min. At least I had the cosplayers around to entertain me and give me something to look at. I had these very nice anime cosplayers in front of me, who allowed the rest of their team to cut in to join them. I guess their strength is derived from each other.

The Cosplayers in front of me - does anyone recognise the characters?

I finally got near the front, having taken a few photos and got my show bag from some volunteers (more bag than show, considering it only had a few vouchers and the program in it), but I had missed the start of the first talk by about 15 min so far, and there was still 20 people in front of me. I looked over at the other line and that was moving a lot faster than the one I was in. Remember those cosplayers from before, who had to change lines? They were now entering the pavillion.

Still stuck in line? Why not take another photo.


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