Another Bloodsucker

Last week saw the return of Dracula from out of the vaults of the Lost Library Thing. So this week, I thought another vampire might be in order; Vampirella.

I’m guessing the name came from crossing Barbarella with Vampire. Vampirella started out in comics in the 70’s and after a hiatus in the 80’s returned in the 90’s and is still around today. Turns out that there were a few books back in the 70’s as well, of which this is the third.

Originally, as you can read on the back cover, she was an alien from the planet Draculon (you cross Dracula with, ummm, something, to get Draculon) but nowadays she is no longer an alien but some sort of  ‘other’ vampire.

This is a book that I have read, by the way. I’ve also got some reprints of the old comics from the 70’s. What can I say? I just love the little collar on her costume. It’s so formal on an otherwise rather informal and casual costume. It just draws me in.  

Last comment – how good is the author’s name for a book like this – Goulart/Ghoul Art?


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