I loved Happy Days when I was a kid, and of course, the reason I loved the show was due to the Fonz. I can see that this book is aware of that and so even though it is nominally a Happy Days book, the size of the lettering for that is pretty small, compared to the real star of the show.

I wonder if the other 6 books in the series had the same lettering or whether the name of the Fonz just got bigger and bigger as the series went on.

Also, check out the price – you may have to click on the image to get a bigger shot of the cover with the price stickers.

Dwelling on my love of Happy Days a bit more, I grew up watching this show in my young formative years and soon I was believing that this was what my High School days were going to be like. Of course they weren’t anything like it in the slightest.

Or at least, not at the time. One thing Happy Days, and American Graffiti (the movie that inspired Happy Days) and also The Wonder Years have in common is that they look back at the times and I think that the value of hindsight is the key here.

So in the end, my high school days were not like Happy Days; instead they were “The Gnarly Years”. Come my second year of Uni I started up an infrequent series in the Guild newspaper where I wrote about the not so wild times of my high school years, which made it all seem a little wilder in hindsight. Other people contributed also, but mostly it was me dissecting my high school life and trying to make it fit into the Archie mould. Turns out I was more of a Jughead character.

I remember the editor telling me that “The Gnarly Years” feature ended up being one of the most popular recurring columns for the year that I wrote it – another editor at a rival Guild press, whenever he would deign to pick up our paper, he would always turn first to “The Gnarly Years”.

I still have all the issues somewhere and maybe I’ll add them to this blog one day.

But back to the Fonz.

I’ve only got this one book, but I also have this record.

For more details of this record, click here.

I would love to include this in a Vinyl Triptych one day, but I’m stymied as to what to put with it. Perhaps a soundtrack to a Ron Howard film, or maybe the American Graffiti soundtrack, if I had it. I almost did once. In the early days of my vinyl collecting career there was a junky second hand store down near where I once played computer games and drank Spearmint milkshakes (see my gaming history blog entry – I was trying to live the Happy Days life) where they had a few records. I remember there was some old Ringo Starr ones there such as Goodnight Vienna, that I should have bought. Trouble was I don’t think I ever bought anything from that place. I tried once, with the American Graffiti OST double LP. I stood at the counter for 10 min with the item and no one came. There was no bell to press and no one in sight except another customer just aimlessly roaming the store. In the end I just gave up. Maybe I should have walked out with the item. That would have made an interesting piece for “The Gnarly Years” – my criminal phase.

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