Lost Library Libido Thing

It always amazed me that this book was made into a movie. I was further amazed over the weekend when I discovered that this book had a sequel, Percy’s Progress, and that too was made into a movie. The book for Percy’s Progress even had a still from the movie as the book cover – a close up of our protagonist in bed with two ladies, bed covers just up to their necks. The outline given on the back cover was that some virus had rendered every man in the world infertile except for one – you can guess who. Now every woman in the world was after him. You get the idea, I’m sure. So where was this book? And why don’t I have a picture of the sequel as well as the original?

I came across the sequel at the local swap meet at the weekend just gone. The seller in question also had the original book. Maybe he was a fan of the series. I was sorely tempted to get Percy’s Progress in order to add it to the blog. The seller wanted $2 for it and I had the money, but I let it go. It must be a sign of maturity that after weighing it up I didn’t think it was worth it. I had just bought the entire Millennium trilogy by Steig Larrson for $5 at another stall, so how could I reasonably spend $2 on a thin flimsy paperback that I have no intention of ever reading, I just wanted it so that I could copy the images of the front and back covers. A real sign of maturity though would be that I have a mobile phone with a camera so I can take a photo of the book there and then.

Added sign of maturity – I didn’t say a single thing about the author’s name and the subject of the book.

2 Responses to Lost Library Libido Thing

  1. helenkitty says:

    This is just too funny. >.< The sort of book to keep you up all night! 😛

  2. […] little while back I posted about how I saw a sequel to a book from my Lost Library Thing collection at a Sunday morning swap […]

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