Tumbling Dice Leads To Sticky Fingers

Okay, really, this has gone too far.

Enough with all the different Monopoly themes. We have had, just from the top of my head, Simpsons, Star Wars, Narnia, Peanuts, Wizard of Oz and now The Rolling Stones?

How does the board game of buying and selling property and then demanding rent somehow lead us to The Rolling Stones? Do I finally get out of Exile and actually buy Main Street? Do I go from house to house pleading Gimme Shelter? I’m sure I should do another joke about Playing With Fire but I can’t quite get that one together.

Still, I’m not pleading enough because it is The Rolling Stones that is getting the board game treatment, it is more that there have been so damn many Monopoly versions now. I found this blog post that lists over 1000. Enough already. Overkill surely has been reached.

About the only thing left that I want to see having a Monopoly version is other board games. Let’s have the board game industry cannibalise itself and have a Monopoly version that celebrates other board games and card games.

Connect 4 Monopoly – you have to buy 4 properties in a row;

Battleship Monopoly – you buy battleships to blow up other people’s battleships;

Uno Monopoly – you sell off property to have only one property left;

Snakes and Ladders Monopoly – something about pest invasion and home renovation;

 Trouble Monopoly – you have the popomatic bubble in the middle holding the dice;

Mousetrap Monopoly – all the houses that you buy have a rodent infestation;

Hungy Hungy Hippos Monopoly – they eat you out of house and home.

Hmmm, having fun with this. I might come back and add some more. I wonder what a Rubiks Cube Monopoly version would be like?


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