Spillane Over, almost

Last one from Mickey Spillane in this series, I promise. At least in this one, it is not the girl with the gun, although I’m guessing she is meant to be impressed with the guy who does have the weapon. Or maybe it is the tie and jacket combo that has caught her attention.


2 Responses to Spillane Over, almost

  1. thinklaterally23 says:

    Arotulon, I love! love! love! the images you share with us.

    Not trying to deflect from the 70s genre, but would just like to share that I have been enjoying insight into the 30s-40s mindset through Shirley Temple films these last two weeks.

    Fascinating how humanity changes so much and so little at the same time.

  2. […] Notice anything different about the previous entry in this Girls and Guns series? The Girl did not have the Gun, which is kind of rare for covers like […]

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