Don’t skimp on the firearm

Nothing exudes secret agent cool better than a near naked lady and a gun. So I guess it was only natural that Mickey Spillane went from writing about cynical world weary detectives, with covers featuring near naked ladies with guns, as seen last week, to penning tales about cynical world weary secret agents, with covers featuring near naked ladies with guns. The iconography remains the same; only the names have been changed.

I must confess I did read this book one lazy Saturday. Looking back I can’t remember much about the plot but I recall that there was a lot of shooting and a lot of sex. I also can’t remember any spying actually taking place.

One Response to Don’t skimp on the firearm

  1. helenkitty says:

    Sex, guns and violence! What more can you want! I love the play on ‘Mann’. That’s GOLD. Also the fact that it would have such lines as “come get me Tiger.” I want to read this book now. 😛

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