When a problem comes along

An insight into my workings this week.

In case you ever (or never) wondered how I decide on my vinyl triptych, I usually start by flicking through my records. While looking at one cover I will perhaps be reminded of another. Pretty soon I’ll have two covers with a theme or a link of some sorts. I then scratch my head looking for that elusive third album to finish the trio.

Sometimes I don’t find the third one; such as with the red beanies theme. I started with the Marvin Gaye album Let’s Get It On, where he is wearing a red beanie. I then found a Bill Cosby album, where he too wears a red beanie on the cover. However, still can’t find anything in my collection that has anyone else wearing a red beanie. I’ll keep looking.

However, this week, I’ve got two possible third albums, so expect to see some of these albums again soon.

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