Christmas Top 5 -Must Be Santa

The Christmas Top 5 is here, and I hope that these are all songs that you have not heard before, but, oh well, if you have, I think they are worth a repeat listen.

Let’s kick off with Bob Dylan. Regular followers of this blog will know that I did a piece on his then upcoming Christmas album, so it seems appropriate to revisit his festive offering at this time. This is the single from the album Christmas In The Heart complete with a film clip, and what a weird film clip it is, and I don’t just mean the wig Bob wears. Some Christmas gatherings do end in a fight, but usually it as an argument taken too far or a dispute over Monopoly rules but this film clip features something more.


3 Responses to Christmas Top 5 -Must Be Santa

  1. morgandorffer says:

    This song puts me in mind of the musical stylings of Gogol Bordello (an American/Ukrainian gypsy punk band likened to The Pogues and The Clash having a fight).
    I love it!
    I feel as though I should be dancing with my arms around the shoulders of mates and spilling beer from a stein 😀 (I commonly feel that way though)

  2. ultimatelyuplifting says:

    Whata fun song. Haven’t heard it playing in Myer yet so is it officially a carol. It looks like a really good party-wish I was there.

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