Final Vinyl For The Year

Yes, Christmas time is here so the time has come to break out the Christmas albums for display. This will be the final display for the year, because I don’t want to show off all my Christmas albums in one go. Got to save some for later displays. At least I am showing off one of my favourite Christmas albums; ‘Christmas Day with Colonel Sanders’. However, to make up for the lack of a vinyl display next week, I am going to do a top 5 of ‘Christmas Songs You Might Not Have Heard’. Hope you can come back for that.

One Response to Final Vinyl For The Year

  1. morgandorffer says:

    Uncle Peter used to break out the Bing every Christmas until one year the kids ganged up on him and hung poor old Bing from the tree as a decoration. It was a bit crazy- listening to Bing bang on about white Christmases up in Gero where it is generally about the 40 degree mark.

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