Blood Brothers

Having stayed up late on the weekend to watch a Hammer Horror double bill of Dracula films, today’s Lost Library Thing just had to be this one:

This book was third in the series, so I would really like to know just how many were there all up? Is there anyone out there who has even heard of this take on Dracula; resurrected and controlled by a scientist?


3 Responses to Blood Brothers

  1. worldinverted says:

    I do think you should have read this one Arotulen, does look AWFULLY interesting – would be fun to get the whole series, a special spot on the book shelf.

  2. arotulon says:

    what can i say, world inverted; only so much time and only so much space on the bookshelf. A few of the titles still to feature I did actually read…

  3. […] is back In an earlier post I featured a modern Dracula novel. Today’s Lost Library Thing is a more Classic Dracula. This collection features the Bram […]

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