Reflections of 23 Things

Looking back on the course, I want to begin by saying how rewarding it has been. I really got a lot out of it and enjoyed it immensely.

Trying to pick a favourite thing is difficult. I really love delicious; being able to save all the great webpages I come across has been fantastic. I need to work more on my tagging though, as I have a fair few just tagged music.

The whole blogging experience has been great. I started up my vinyl display at my house last year but it suddenly hit me that it would be a great blog topic and I have really enjoyed posting the weekly triptych. I have also started up an ongoing topic of My Lost Library Thing. I do intend to resurrect the Game Review too.

Twitter has become very addictive; I tweet daily for my Another Day Another Disc feature on my blog using the identity of ADiscADay. I also just tweet socially at work under my regular blog identity of Arotulon. I feel that there is a little community of tweeters here at UWA now.

I have reassessed Library Thing, now that I have played around with it more. I have long kept a tally of the books that I read and have now begun to use Library Thing for that purpose.

There was not a thing that I didn’t like, but not having that many digital photos to upload I didn’t really get much into Flickr. I suspect that will change once I have more digital photos.

I don’t think I seriously posted about the lifelong learning habits and what my learning goals were previously, so here goes. Of the 7 and a half habits the easiest one for me is probably play; always happy to play around with something. Hardest habit is probably accepting responsibility for my own learning; too busy playing most of the time.

In terms of learning goals then, I wanted to increase my awareness of the various technologies or things and be confident in using them. I am someone who has never owned a mobile and currently does not have a computer, so I am a potential poster child for the digital divide. I wanted to be able to engage and understand with the things in this course and I think I have done that pretty well. My partner at home is keen to see and understand all of the things that I covered in this course so I guess that I will soon put habit 7, “Show Others”, into practice and that will really prove whether or not I have confidence in these things.

To end, at our final workshop our Practically Perfect Programmer came through once again and found this clip with which we ended the class. Let me share it with you…

2 Responses to Reflections of 23 Things

  1. helenkitty says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog Arotulon! I agree, I’ve really enjoyed each thing we’ve learned.

    You should keep posting and do some little music quiz or something. I’d like to see a lyrics quiz, where you right lyrics from a song, and we have to guess the song and artist. Kind of like Never Mind the Buzzcocks, but for your blog. Btw, if you havent’ watched that show, you should, because it’s awesome and you’ll love it!

  2. ultimatelyuplifting says:

    It is sad 23 things has come to an end but please continue the Blog and the Tweets as they have been entertaining. I have found the exercise has built a stronger team, less intimidated by technology, and introduced me to many alter egos namely cyber friends. Like your album covers too.

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