The Library Thing From Another World…

…a lost world at that.

This new, hopefully weekly, segment is devoted to the books that I no longer own, mostly. You see, I’m a sucker for a cover; and back when I had more disposable income than I do now, I would happily trawl thru op shops, swap meets and second hand book sales picking up many a lurid cover. However, space constraints one day demanded that I part with a sizeable chunk of the collection. However, before selling them off at a swap meet I took the time to sneak into my then workplace at night to use the scanner to record the front and back covers of the books. After all, I was never going to read them, so I just made a copy of the important bits. Since then all the space saved by this cull has been taken up with books that I do intend to read, hopefully; but I admit a few “I only bought it for the cover” items have found their way back into my house. Perhaps they too will show up in this blog.

Let’s start with a blast.

This book came out in the wake of Jaws, as the book takes the premise of the movie poster for that film to the next level. I hope that you can read the back cover clearly. Note the tag line of how reading this book could save your life. Too bad, I never did read it.

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