face facts

Ah facebook, it has happened at last. The big social web 2.0 thing has come up in our 23 things program. I spent most of the practical session, devoted to getting set up on Facebook, reading the privacy tips supplied to us by our other practically perfect programmer. As I read what to do I then put it into practice. I now have a very secure facebook profile. Only friends can find me so I guess fellow UWA 23 things participants will have to wait for me to find them.

I had a look at people I know, and more accurately, people I used to know and it was weird seeing these people online and I just felt like I did not want to be apart of it for some reason. What is that reason arotulon? I don’t know why I am so intensely private when it comes to my online identity; I seem to have some sort of hang up about something.

Anyway, I’m on facebook now and I am happy to know that I can delete the profile if I want, which i just may, but I will let it exist for a little while and see what it is like.

I made contact with a good buddy who knows my secret identity so I’ve got one online friend at least.


One Response to face facts

  1. ultimatelyuplifting says:

    Hi I understand- I do think privacy is an important issue . Also if people haven’t made contact with each other for 20 years there is often a good reason and facebook can undo what has taken years to achieve, namely privacy and friends we like. That said, I do belong to a select group from my English tutorial group, a group so secret that half the tut. group couldn’t even find it. That’s the way I like it.

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