Keep The Vinyl Waving

Hawks and Doves by Neil YoungBorn In The USA by Bruce SpringsteenThe Band Kept Playing by The Electric Flag


So here is this week’s Record Cover Triptych. Maybe I should have saved it for the 4 July, but oh well.

Last week the theme was cartoon caricature, and the week before that the theme could have been third albums, for they all were third efforts by the artists or bands I displayed. A tip of the hat to UU for pointing that out.  There must be something about third albums that attracts Paul McCartney, for he is the link between the three albums that I had on display. I was tempted to display ‘Ringo’ by Ringo Starr because Paul was also involved in that one, but I thought that might make it too obvious. Interestingly, Ringo is a third album. Hmmmm.

Still, it was tricky, especially as Paul’s appearance on the Steve Miller Band album was under the alias Paul Ramon, which is the fake name that inspired the group identity of the Ramones.

2 Responses to Keep The Vinyl Waving

  1. worldinverted says:

    So we have patriotism, star spangled banner, american, flags (but why is the background blue) – just read that the Neil Young album was accused of being right wing. And saw Bruce in concert in Melbourne in 2003 – went with a friend who was a huge fan and suprised myself by really enjoying the concert, we had great seats really close to the stage

  2. ultimatelyuplifting says:

    I too have noticed a decidedly patriotic American theme happening here.
    Interesting facts about Paul McCartney on previous albums -I was looking for someone in common when I came across the fact that they were third albums , a bit too obscure for me, the change of name was too tricky. Great shot of Springsteen isn’t it.

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