Time To Turn The Record Display Over

Well done to World Inverted who noticed the intense brooding look of all three featured musicians. My girlfriend also commented on the looks that she kept getting from those three guys at the other end of the room.

However, intense gaze aside, it was the cigarettes that linked the three, which World Inverted also noted. Furthermore, it is not just the presence of the smokes. Note how the three albums each feature a cigarette in time. Ralph is just lighting up; Bowie is in full smoke and Bryan is at the fag end of the cigarette and the party too I suspect (with his suit still immaculate; or perhaps the party has just begun and he is bored already).

This next display will involve a bit of research, because the link ain’t visual. See if you can work out what, or more accurately, whom, to give you a bit of guidance, links these three albums.

Brave New World by The Steve Miller BandFreeze Frame by Godley & CremeNo Secrets by Carly Simon

2 Responses to Time To Turn The Record Display Over

  1. Ultimatelyuplifting says:

    Hi, this is a tricky one – I believe these albums were the third album released by each of these artists.

    • arotulon says:

      i’ll pay it UU, as you are correct; all third albums, but truly that was a coincidence as the presence of someone famous on each album is what linked them all together when i displayed them. Perhaps this famous musical person has a thing about appearing on third albums.

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