Podcast News

The big question of course was where do the podcasts go once I save them?

A: the hard drive. So all the cool things that I discovered in the session are still on that computer. Just as well then, that I had an earlier play around at my work station so I have a few things already saved.

Firstly, where do I start with iTunes U? There is so much stuff, that I have to stop and think just what exactly do I want to look up? Music of course!

Tried a little look at Blues and found some stuff about the history of the blues; i guess i was looking for lectures but with such a generic term i found plenty of poetry and art related stuff. A more specific look for a certain old time Bluesman Robert Johnson resulted in no hits. I thought he was a favourite of the academic set too.

Another more artist specific search was on Bob Dylan and plenty of podcasts were found. There was one from a series of interviews with the photographers of musicians and so Jerry Schatzberg was talking about the photos he took for the Blonde On Blonde sessions.

More photos were discussed in the podcast called Look Out Cleveland which was an interview with The Band’s former stage manager who had a photographic exhibition of Dylan and The Band on display by that name.

The Bob Dylan search also led me to a 22 episode podcast series from Smithsonian Folkways, that looked at the Folkways music label, with the last two episodes focussing on the Greenwich Folk Music revival and so also on Dylan somewhat.

Now if I could just get Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour through iTunes U, so that I don’t have to pay to listen to it, but I don’t think I can.

But music has been found thanks to the radio option available on iTunes; there is even a classic Blues station that I have been listening to perhaps a bit too much.

My search for Houdini sadly found nothing and ‘magic’ was too generic. I’ll have to try again to refine my search to see if there are any series of lectures out there on the history of stage magicians.

Thankfully iTunes U advertises some popular choices and that lead me to the Alabama University podcast course on Zombies in popular culture. This series has been created in conjunction with the filmnerds.com and so far I have listened to the first episode. It was a further reminder that I really must watch that old Lugosi film White Zombie, which I taped off TV years back.

Speaking of films I also discovered a few little vodcasts of a Ken Burns doco on World War II, that I have started to watch.


2 Responses to Podcast News

  1. worldinverted says:

    Have just saved the link to “The War”, it looks very interesting, I like listening to first hand accounts, gives a more personal insight, I think makes the war more real and not something that just happened a long time ago-always think it is important not to become blasé or complacent, but remember the terrible impact on real people.

  2. helenkitty says:

    I’m in class today and I’ll look at the Zombies link and the doco on WWI. Thanks for these! 😀

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