I’m IM (instant messaging)

Started this task earlier this week, but with a bit of a disadvantage. Turns out I don’t have many email addresses of other 23 things participants. I had book buster of course, and just one other, HelenKitty, only on google chat she is known by another name. Wasn’t too sure if it was her at first.

So i chatted to book buster, about chatting pretty much. A meeting then took her away.

Then i chatted to HelenKitty about music and many other things, and pretty soon i got the hang of it. i type, then they type, and so on.

Come the workshop i was chatting away with just about everyone there and had numerous windows open.

I was also introduced to meebo which can host various chat services, such as the gmail chat which i currently use; good to know that if i start up any others that they too can also be used through meebo.

I am now opening my meebo account every morning and seeing if other 23 thing participants (now that I have their emails, courtesy of book buster) are active and available for a chat.


4 Responses to I’m IM (instant messaging)

  1. ultimatelyuplifting says:

    I found the instant messaging a bit intrusive at first but now I’m getting used to it, even so I still have the occasional IM malfunction where something totally embarassing just prints itself. It is fun tho but I’m still a bit shy.

  2. helenkitty says:

    The reason I have a different name, is that I’ve had gmail since 2005! My name on their is a silly name my best friend made up. I’ve just never bothered changing it.

    • arotulon says:

      Yeah, i gathered as much. oh, the silly things we do in our youth.
      like i say, it threw me at first, “is it helenkitty? is it someone who kind of looks like her”, but we got there in the end.

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