RocknRoll Yer Own

Another week, another trawl through my collection for something to display.

Before we get to show and tell though, I think everyone worked out the visual theme of last week, which was basically male chest hair, so well done.

Streets Of London by Ralph McTell











Young Americans by David Bowie












I’ve upsized the images this week just so you can all see what is in Bryan’s hand down here at the bottom.

By the way, I in no way endorse smoking.

2 Responses to RocknRoll Yer Own

  1. worldinverted says:

    It has to be that very intense brooding look at the camera that each artist has, that says I want you girl or maybe in Bowie’s case boy/girl. But if this is wrong then maybe its the oh so cool ciggies.

  2. ultimatelyuplifting says:

    I think its that none of these singers are bald. Right?

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