don’t follow leaders, watch the parking meters

Who I follow on twitter, so far:

I’ve tried to follow every UWA 23 Things participant that I see, since we are all in this together.

I have also decided to follow Stan Lee, or smilin Stan Lee if you like. You might recognise him from all of his cameos in Marvel Comics films.

Speaking of Marvel Comics, one man has dominated them in recent memory: Brian Michael Bendis. Some say he destoyed the Marvel Universe, others say those people are right. At one time BMB was rivalling Stan Lee himself for the number of titles he was writing every month.

One of my fav shows on tv, is 30 Rock, so I am following some tweets to do with that show. Firstly, there is the tweet for the show itself, informing me of the upcoming series and so on. Then there are tweets from the characters. I’m following the characters of Tracy Jordan and Jenna Maroney. They both tweet just once a day with something inanely funny.

That’s everyone I follow for now.


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