Forum is forewarned

There was a recent bonus content 23 things post dealing with forums.

Responding to this I went looking for forums out there dealing with music. I had a look at and had a look at their blues forums. Most of the forums consisted of one or two posts, and that was the end of the thread.

Things were not much better at I looked in on the Soul/Blues/Funk/Jazz area and there were plenty of threads looking for an answer, but very little actual discussion had been entered into. However what posts they were did offer lots of youtube clips, especially the one on the topic Best Soul Songs Of All Time .

Not having too much success at finding anything worth a lurk, I remembered something HelenKitty had recommended and which the Practically Perfect Programmer had also once mentioned to me: Last fm.

At this site the dates of the most recent posts are all either today or yesterday and the number of people who have viewed various threads is usually in two or three figures.

I had a look at “Music you are embarrassed to listen to” and “What album you could listen to forever”. These didn’t have overly many replies but enough to warrant a look and not be overwhelmed. For an example of an overwhelming discussion, there was one about how close have you been to someone famous, that went on for 9 pages.

Based on what I have seen so far from lurking I have started to see a few recurring faces/respondents and a few recurring likes; metal is big; Led Zep still has plenty of devotees. All up there are 793 pages of forums at Last fm, so I have definitely come to the right place; just now need to find a thread I want to join.

I’ll post more after a bit more lurking, and maybe some participation on my part.


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