Something to blog about

I just have to blog about this.

I just added to my delicious account a Mojo Magazine photo special on Bruce Springsteen in New Orleans in the mid 1970’s. You can use the link below or see my sites of interest down there on the right hand side.

One photo has members of the band at a combined Ice Cream Stand and Record Bar. How cool is that? (no play on words intended) Ice cream and records all at the same place!


2 Responses to Something to blog about

  1. ultimatelyuplifting says:

    If you ever hear if/ when The Boss is coming to Perth please let me know as I have never been to one of his concerts. (very sad) I am a big fan; I own several records and even have a boxed set which is great. I believe his concerts are usually good value as he plays for a long time.

    • arotulon says:

      I am in the same situation, having never seen Springsteen live. I have a triple cd collection set of live recordings plus two other live albums, and they are great.
      I have also spoken to those who have seen him live and they all said what a blast it was and yes, he did play on and on, in a crowd pleasing way.
      Currently he is touring the US, and doing a series of album concerts where he and the band play one of their albums live. So far they have done “Born To Run” and “The River”, and I think maybe “Darkness On The Edge Of Town”.

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