Reflections on the first top 5.

I enjoyed sharing some of my musical fixations with who ever it is out there that views this blog. All of the artists I featured are very important to me, just so you know. Plenty of others were left behind, and believe me that there are more than these 5 songs that I rely on to get me through the working week. Perhaps I should explain some of the rationale that went into informing my picks.

I wanted to have YouTube clips of the songs and that did prevent a few of my choices making the list. Plenty of other important songs are crammed into my head and make up my music collection. For instance one song that I really wanted to include was Jim Ford’s Go Through Sunday; it is a funky little number that includes the great line “We’ve got to through it if we want to get to it”. However, I could only find a slow version of the song on YouTube and that version just didn’t quite do it for me.

Another factor that my mention of Jim Ford possibly alludes to(you probably are thinking who is he?), is that I went for the perhaps not so well known artists. However, I suspect the word on the New Pornographers is starting to spread, which is a good thing. I hope to spread the word on a lot of obscure artists but not too much. I mean, I don’t want everyone to know about these people (see my post on rock n roll nerds and you can perhaps understand a bit of the snobbery cult at work here; maybe not).

Lastly I also hope that you out there enjoyed this little exercise and if you did, please let me know and I will hopefully do another. I have been thinking of a few possible top 5 topics, such as my top 5 going out tonight songs.


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