Top 5 Songs To Get Me Thru The Week – Thursday

Thursday and my attention here at work is starting to drift. In fact I’m daydreaming, about how I could be someone else, just for a little while. Perhaps an hour, just one little hour…Time for Scott Walker and the Jacques Brel number Jackie. This song just gallops on, taking you along on a wild ride of drunkenness and licentiousness.

In my opinion there is no better interpreter of Jacques Brel than Scott Walker. Some of you may know Scott from those 60’s teenyboppers the Walker Brothers who had a monster hit with “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”. You might already also know that they were not brothers and their names were not even Walker. They all went solo with Scott having the greatest success. He had been given a book of translated Jacques Brel lyrics for his birthday and the exposure to the songs of this particular Belgian songwriter opened up a new way of writing for Scott and a new outlet for his fantastic voice. Gone were the teenybopper songs; hello songs of desperation and despair. Scott did pen the odd song that had some of Jacques’ cynical joie de vivre, but mostly Scott further articulated and defined existential gloom. But when he did sing of joy, such as here in this wistfully demented daydream song by Brel, ah, he came through.


One Response to Top 5 Songs To Get Me Thru The Week – Thursday

  1. ultimatelyuplifting says:

    This song is fun. I enjoyed it a lot.
    What a great voice!

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