Imaging my generation

Before we all get too carried away with all this music stuff I must get back to the original reason behind this blog which is the 23 things program. It has now been relaunched with the full amount of things. So picking up, kind of, from where we left off, let’s take a look at image generators.

Some remarkable stuff out there and so far I’ve only looked at what was on offer via the Generator Blog. From there I found the Mad Men image generator; neat show by the way, even if is not about working in the offices of Mad Magazine back in the 60’s as I first hoped (“Hey guys, what will we have Alfred doing on the cover this month? “).

So I have put together a little image of myself, Arotulon, as a Mad Man Executive type, complete with martini and Shag type background. I’ve used a close up and added it as my new gravatar. So far, it has not taken effect, but I have noticed it on a recent comment that I posted on someone else’s blog.

I guess it will eventually migrate over here so soon it will be goodbye to my little Peter Lorre image from Stranger On The Third Floor. In memory of him I’ve kept the hat look for my new gravatar.

Arotulon joins the suit brigade


One Response to Imaging my generation

  1. ultimatelyuplifting says:

    I trhought I noticed a change in your appearance -Initially I thought it was just some Benjamin Button thing you were doing.

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