Top 5 Songs To Get Me Thru The Week – Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and time to add some sparks to the week, and by Sparks I mean the Brothers Mael. Here they are with their early 70’s band performing on TV, with their classic This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us. So over the top, it always lifts my sprits, and sees me joining in on the line “it ain’t me who’s gonna leeeeeeeeeaaaaave!”

Sparks are still around today, and are still releasing albums and performing but with an ever revolving band. Sparks pretty much consists of the Brothers Mael. That’s Russell on vocal and Ron on keyboards, not Hitler by the way. They are still something of a mystery, like, what do they do outside of music, but it has been confirmed that they are not the children of Doris Day as it was once believed.

What is known for certain is that they are unique, with the falsetto singing (some say Queen was heavily inspired by them), great musicality and strange songs, often about girls (such as the one from 2006 about how chicks dig Metaphors) but also other weird subjects. There is the great sing along Now That I Own The BBC (and yes, they even did an Aussie version just for us, where it was changed to ABC) or Gone With The Wind, a song from the point of view of a stunt man on the set of the film.

Ah, now I can get through Tuesday.


2 Responses to Top 5 Songs To Get Me Thru The Week – Tuesday

  1. helenkitty says:

    Not really my taste, but I can see how the this song provides a vibe of energy. 🙂

  2. ultimatelyuplifting says:

    Catchy tune, nice jumper, rather solemn expressions on some of the group tho. I think I do remember this. The piano player is a bit scary.

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