Another Week Ends, Another Display Arrives.

I loved what someone suggested as being the theme to last week’s display; Elvis sang about being a Pretender, Chrissie Hynde is a Pretender and Shandi Sinnamon pretends to sing. Great answer from Ultimately Uplifting, and I honestly hadn’t thought of those connections myself. I guess there are so many ‘correct’ answers and links between artists. However I should point out that Shandi could sing and can be heard in the background on a couple of Todd Rundgren and Hoyt Axton albums.

Anyway, the theme that I had in mind for the three albums was more visual, and I guess that can get a bit lost with such small images. Basically they all had open mouths and the covers were predominantly black and white with a touch of colour here and there. If that theme was a bit too obvious I’ll work on some more complex themes soon. However, here is the next vinyl display just in time for the weekend.

bowie ziggychuck berry londonabbey road

Now, of course, you could go all out and point out that the Beatles sang a lot of Chuck Berry in their early days, and that Bowie also sang a Chuck Berry tune in his Ziggy days before later singing and writing with John, and you would be right, but that wasn’t what I was thinking at first. However, I am thinking that now…wasn’t what first made me bring these three together though. It was something visual yet again.


2 Responses to Another Week Ends, Another Display Arrives.

  1. helenkitty says:

    Is it that all the albums covers feature places in London?

  2. ultimatelyuplifting says:

    Too easy- Beatles ,Bowie, Berry the letter ‘B’ of course.

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