The task set was to set up Library Thing, and I happened to mention this to my work colleague. She got all excited, as she is a dedicated Library Thing user.

So she opened her account in order to show me the site and soon I had created an account too and was entering items when suddenly it happened.

I was no longer logged in as myself. Out of the blue I was logged in as GeorgeClover, one of the practically perfect programmers; I even had an invite from the Book Buster there on screen.

Meanwhile my colleague declared that she was somehow in the account of someone called Arotulon. What? She was in my account?

We logged out and logged back in and still we were in the wrong accounts. We soon gave up on Library Thing.

Worse of all, I now have to eliminate someone else to keep my identity a secret. How many more must die?


One Response to LibraryThang

  1. clover25 says:

    Hmmmmm, what is happening in computer land? I’m not sure why that would have happened. Further investigation required………

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