7 and a half hobbits

Personally I could only think of three hobbits but it has been a while since I saw the films and read the books. Still, what good is this thing called the internet if you can’t find the answer on Wikipedia. I’ll be back soon with an answer…

Ah, thankfully a hobbitomane, defined as a devotee of hobbitty and all things hobbitsh has given me a few hobbits, such as Bilbo and Samwise and Peregrin plus also Belladonna Baggins and Daddy Twofoot and Hamfast Gardner and Linda Proudfoot. There is also one called Nob, who only seems to have that name, so I guess he is the half hobbit.


2 Responses to 7 and a half hobbits

  1. bookbuster says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fogive you for such a bad pun.

    Well, maybe not.

    Here’s a hobbit name generator if you feel the need for more than 7.5

  2. arotulon says:

    It was either going to be hobbits or habitats and I really could not think of that many habitats.

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