23 Things Week 1

Ah week 1; how good was that cake.

And that lecture on privacy and security online was most informative and just a litte bit scary. I have since gone and changed all my user names and passwords to meaningless combinations of numbers and symbols just to be safe.


2 Responses to 23 Things Week 1

  1. bookbuster says:

    That was *exactly* the effect I wanted to have. If you aren’t terrified by the *thought* of going online with all those evil people out there who want to steal your identity, I haven’t done my job properly.

  2. arotulon says:

    I’m scared alright. What motivates these people to, on the one hand offer me cheap viagra, and with the other hand steal my name?! It is my name and I shall never have another (never did study the Crucible, but I saw the film – why I never studied it may be posted in a random thought soon). Do they think an increased libido is a good swap for a sullied name?

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